HootaThon Committees

Dancer Relations Team

Alumni and Faculty Relations

The Alumni and Faculty Relations team strives to form a strong relationship with the faculty of Temple University, and its fellow Alumni.  In hopes to gain their support for HootaThon as an organization, as well as their involvement with HootaThon as dancers or promoters for the cause. 

  • Be responsible for the recruitment and development of faculty/staff and alumni contacts.
  • Communicating with Temple University’s Alumni Relations Office to develop these contacts.
  • Work with all directors on involving these specific groups throughout the year.
  • Invite faculty/staff and alumni to HootaThon events.
  • In conjunction with the rest of the Dancer Relations Team, create a stewardship program for these parties.
  • Create and maintain a faculty/staff support program

Campus Engagement

The Campus Engagement committee will seek to include the entire Temple University community to unite as one For The Kids. While engaging the University as a whole, this committee will also specifically welcome freshmen, commuters and transfer students who are looking to find their niche on campus. Not only do we focus on freshmen, commuters and transfers, but also satellite campus students, graduate students, uninvolved students and athletics. 


  • Encourage incoming freshman to get involved before they arrive in the fall so they are familiar with HootaThon.
  • Host dancer information tables around campus to spread awareness about why we dance, how we dance, and what we are.
  • Help spread awareness about HootaThon to unite our campus by one main cause.
  • Create partnerships with athletics programs on campus
  • Keep dancers excited, interested and involved from registration to the day of our event. 

Greek Life Outreach 


The Greek Life Outreach committee will continue the relationships HootaThon has with all four councils of Temple University’s Greek Association. This committee will work with HootaThon ambassadors of each Greek organization to relay all important information in both directions.  You do not have to be a member of a Greek organization to be on this committee.

  • Recruit teams for HootaThon via their Greek organization
  • Co-plan fundraisers with Greek organizations to help them reach their team minimum
  • Attend events of participating Greek organizations
  • Continue the sense of inclusion that HootaThon has by including all Greek organizations
  • Keep dancers interested from registration to day-of

Student Organization Outreach 

The Student Organization Outreach Committee seeks to unite the diverse student organizations at Temple for a common cause--the kids. This committee fosters  mutual relationships between HootaThon and other organizations on campus and oversees the ambassador program. With the ambassadors, this committee works to recruit dancers and help student organizations fundraise to reach their team goal. Overall, this committee works to make sure each student organization has the resources they need to have a successful HootaThon team.

  • Recruit teams for HootaThon via their student organization
  • Keep dancers interested from registration to day-of
  • Attend events of participating student organizations
  • Continue the sense of inclusion that HootaThon has by including all student organizations
  • Co-plan fundraisers with student organizations to help them reach their team minimum

External Affairs Team




The Communications committee focuses on developing ways to create awareness for the Child Life Department at CHOP as well as promote and build a positive image for Dance Marathon, particularly HootaThon. The committee works to drive interest in involvement among different audiences and identifies ways that HootaThon can meet the needs of each audience – Miracle Kids/Families, Temple students, registered dancers, committee members, businesses, others – and develops tools that can help the program meet those needs. The committee targets various audiences by developing key messages; identifying, building, and maintaining relationships with the media; and creating the press kit and other key communication tools to promote HootaThon as well as CHOP. The committee’s efforts generate buzz and build a positive image for HootaThon in the community.

  • Serve as copyeditor for all public outreach
  • Work with other committees to define and promote major messages for HootaThon
  • Promote two-way communication with HootaThon audiences
  • Develop professional Press Kit and other communications tools
  • Research, target, and proactively reach out to various media outlets
  • Represent Dance Marathon to the media in person and on camera
  • Develop a branding packet for HootaThon, CMNH and CHOP
  • Develop campaigns and activities to promote Dance Marathon

Hospital and Family Relations

The Hospital and Family Relations committee works directly with CHOP to make Miracle Children and their families an integral part of HootaThon.  After all, they are the reason we are all here! By working with the hospital to find families, incorporating their stories into regular meetings, publicity events, and the Dance Marathon itself, the committee connects all others to the cause. The Hospital/Family Relations Committee brings the cause connection to HootaThon. The kids make our Dance Marathon a touching and inspiring experience for everyone involved. Hospital/Family Relations committee members will have direct contact with families and children who often require special attention. They should be able to act with kindness and compassion, always putting the needs of the families first.

  • Connect all other committees and participants to the cause
  • Implement Family Packet for identifying appropriate families
  • Incorporate Miracle Children and families all year long (Miracle Family Fun Day, Miracle Family Thanksgiving, etc.)
  • Attend CHOP Tours and Craft Days
  • Highlight Miracle Children and families throughout Dance Marathon event
  • Create Family Room and staff during Dance Marathon


The Technology committee is responsible for representing HootaThon through technological means and managing much of its online presence. Tech committee handles all things related to the HootaThon website. It is also responsible for all published HootaThon videos, for recording HootaThon events via photos or video, and for managing many other aspects of HootaThon's online and technological commitments.  While a proficiency in creating videos or website design is preferred, there are enough tasks and avenues within the committee to accommodate anyone without specific experience. This committee is responsible for:

  • Creating all videos for recruitment, operations teams, and to support HootaThon's presence on campus
  • Any and all things associated to HootaThon.org
  • Coordination of videography/photography for all events


Fundraising Team

Corporate Partnership

Corporate Partnership for HootaThon is about trying spread our message of philanthropy throughout the Delaware Valley by working with companies and business leaders to strengthen our brand recognition and help fund raise for our goal. We reach out to companies and form partnerships by giving incentives to companies and organization that donate money or give in-kind donations.  By forming these partnerships, the companies and organizations become part of our HootaThon family.  Their help is crucial in fulfilling our goals as organization, so one day we won't have to dance. 

  • Solicit community partners for cash or in-kind donations to meet committee needs and support Dance Marathon.
  • Identify target businesses to approach for in-kind or cash donations


Event Fundraising

The purpose of Dance Marathon is to raise funds for the kids! The Event Fundraising committee takes the lead in developing all aspects of raising funds – from setting dancer fundraising goals; motivating groups and individuals to raise money through donations, and executing special fundraising events.

  • Motivate groups and individuals to raise money
  • Organize fundraising opportunities (canning, online, letter writing)
  • Solicit sponsorships from community businesses
  • Implement day-of fundraising opportunities at Dance Marathon



The Finance committee oversees all aspects of Dance Marathon that involve collecting, counting, and reporting money. From managing the overall budget, to accounting for dollars received from fundraising events, the final total revealed at the end of the evening will be the result of this committee’s careful work.

  • Collect, count, and enter offline donations into Donor Drive
  • Track and project donation and registration trends
  • Update fundraising information for dancers, teams, and sponsors
  • Calculate final total and organize total reveal at Dance Marathon event finale
  • Follow up post-event to collect any outstanding funds


High School Dance Marathon 

The HSDM Committee will reach out to local high schools who do not already have a Dance Marathon and help them form an organization to host a dance marathon at their school. Every HSDM HootaThon creates will be included in our final total as we have worked together to raise funds and awareness for CMNH at CHOP. This committee will work with the CMNH Youth Marketing Manager to pitch, develop and follow through with Dance Marathon at the high school level.

  • Form at least 2 HootaThon benefiting Dance Marathons in the greater Philadelphia Region
  • Continue relationship with Archbishop John Carroll High School, The Lawrenceville School, and Nazareth Academy High School, as well beginning planning for NAZ-A-THON 2016.
  • Help with any and all needs of all HootaThon HSDM programs

Operations Team


Dance Marathon Operations

Dance Marathon is a diverse event and operations has a hand in planning all if its aspects; this can range from picking the entertainment acts, to theme, to how to utilize the space of the venue, and lots of other little details. The Dance Marathon Operations committee deals with arranging most of the things you will see the day of the event, but also manages all of the behind the scenes action through coordination of and with all of HootaThon's committees and board, as well as with university officials.

  • Recruit entertainment acts
  • Create the Dance Marathon Master Schedule
  • Coordinate all staff, volunteers, CMs and other personal for the day of
  • Organize game and activities in conjunction with Morale
  • Arrange a venue for the event and decide its setup


The Hospitality committee makes sure all dancers and guests are comfortable and well-fed at our main event as well as at any of our other events throughout the year. The Hospitality committee will work with corporations and businesses to obtain food donations for events throughout the year and for our Dance Marathon. This committee also collaborates with other Children's Miracle Network Dance Marathons in order to make HootaThon and other Dance Marathons the best they can be for the kids.

  • Arrange meals and food for all HootaThon related events
  • Make sure dancers and guests are comfortable
  • Collaborate with other Children's Miracle Network Dance Marathons


Always one level of excitement above the crowd, the energy and passion of the Morale committee drives the success of Dance Marathon by keeping the dancers excited, entertained, and connected to the cause throughout the event. For the dancers, Moralers are truly the "hype-men" for the crowd. Morale members need to constant energy and excitement to keep the dancers motivated for the full 12 hours. They also need compassion and the ability to motivate each person through the toughest hours of the event.

  • Create and teach the Morale Dance to all attendees and committees
  • Develop theme hours, activities, and games for Dance Marathon
  • Provide emotional support for dancers throughout the event
  • Organize and lead Morale Groups throughout the event
  • Coordinate Color Wars point system and activities prior to the Dance Marathon


Special Events

Special Events is focused on creating and engaging the community in events made to bring awareness and funds to HootaThon. Special events HootaThon hosts are also an opportunity to attract groups around campus or in the community that might not otherwise be involved with Dance Marathon. Events is head of HootaThon's biannual Free Food and Fun Friday, 5K run, Miracle Family Thanksgiving, and much more. We meet with heads and students of other Temple organizations and operations to make events that circle around the kids, For The Kids.  

  • Plan and run all special events for various groups
  • Work with other committees on needs for special events and gatherings
  • Connect with different Temple and Philadelphia organizations in order to receive donated time and supplies