#GoBeyond and dance with HootaThon

  1.  Register here

  2.  Raise the $100 minimum by our event (check out the fundraising guide for some great tips on how to do this!)

  3.  Put on your tutu and fanny pack and get ready to have fun at Dance Marathon 2019!

Anymore questions? Check out our FAQ!

How do I get involved with HootaThon?


Dance with your Organization!

Thank you to all of the organizations who came out for the kids at Dance Marathon 2018! Join us again this year at Dance Marathon 2019 and #GrowWithUs

Are you part of an organization who wants to get involved with HootaThon? Contact Meghan at HootaThon.Outreach2@temple.edu

Dance with your Greek Org!

Thank you to all of the fraternities and sororities who came out for Dance Marathon 2018! #GrowWithUs with us again at Dance Marathon 2019

Does your fraternity or sorority want to become involved with HootaThon? Contact Amanda E. at HootaThon.Outreach1@temple.edu


Dance as an alumni!

Are you a Temple alumni who wants to get involved with HootaThon? Join HootaThon's Alumni Association and register as an alumni dancer!

Contact Amanda M. at HootaThon.Stewardship@temple.edu


Dance with your friends!

Not part of an organization? That's okay! Grab a few of your friends and join a color team! 

What is Color Wars?

As soon as you register for Dance Marathon, you'll be put on a color team with the rest of the team you registered with. You can gain points for your color team by doing things like speaking to your organization about HootaThon, tagging HootaThon in photos, and referring people to register for Dance Marathon!