Executive Director

MaryAnn Thackrah


Our Executive Director for HootaThon 2018 is MaryAnn Thackrah. As Executive Director, MaryAnn leads HootaThon’s Executive Team of 20 to manage and coordinate HootaThon’s overarching decisions, plans, and goals, and ensure that they align with the mission and vision of our organization. On top of this, she also acts as a role model for everyone in our HootaThon family, including the Executive Team, Committee Members, and dancers, and shows everyone what it means to fight for the kids at CHOP. After learning that HootaThon is affiliated with her high school, Nazareth Academy, MaryAnn decided to join a committee. When she attended her first committee meeting, MaryAnn was inspired by how pure the organization’s intentions were, simply to make everything for the kids. She wanted to become a bigger part of the organization after experiencing her first dance marathon, so she applied to apply for a director position. For HootaThon 2017, MaryAnn was the Director of Finance, and is now the Executive Director for HootaThon 2018! “You don't have to know how to dance and your drive for joining doesn't have to stop at loving service,” MaryAnn says, “this organization is so unique that it has a place for everyone.” MaryAnn is a rising senior Psychology major double minoring in Neuroscience Research and Business and getting a Certificate of Specialization in Spanish. Outside of HootaThon, she enjoys singing, and even auditioned for American Idol for its last season in 2015!


Dancer Relations

Kelly Doyle


The Senior Director of Dancer Relations for HootaThon 2018 is Kelly Doyle. As Senior Director of Dancer Relations, Kelly oversees the Dancer Relations team, which includes Campus Engagement, Student Org Outreach, Greek Life Outreach and Alumni & Faculty Relations. The Dancer Relations team strives to involve not only Temple students in our cause, but also reach out to alumni and faculty to become involved. Kelly first became involved in HootaThon her freshman year when a friend convinced her to sign up to dance with her. When her friend ended up not being able to attend, Kelly still went (not knowing anyone) and met some amazing people! After that, she became a committee member on the Campus Engagement committee, and then became the Director of Campus Engagement for HootaThon 2017. Joining HootaThon was the best decision Kelly has made, as she now is able to make a difference in a child’s life every day. She is inspired by the kids at CHOP because they are heros; they go through so much at a very young age and are still happy and positive kids! Kelly is a rising senior majoring in Speech Pathology, minoring in Education, and getting a certificate in American Sign Language.

Abby Benner


Our Director of Greek Life Outreach is Abby Benner. Abby is a rising sophomore Strategic Communications Major. As Director of Greek Life Outreach, her responsibilities include recruiting members of the Greek life community to participate in HootaThon and assisting them in fundraising leading up to the main event. Abby first became involved in HootaThon when she became a Greek Life Outreach committee member for HootaThon 2017. As a member of the HootaThon community, Abby says, you are a part of an extremely rewarding experience much bigger than yourself. Outside of HootaThon, Abby lifeguards and is a member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority.

Anna Scheetz


Our Director of Student Organization Outreach is Anna Scheetz. Anna is a rising junior Strategic Communications major and a Political Science minor. She became a part of HootaThon her freshman year as a dancer before joining the Technology committee for HootaThon 2017. Seeing some of the amazing things some of the organizations she herself was a part of did for HootaThon, Anna realized she wanted to help other orgs accomplish the same. As Director of Student Organization Outreach, she and her committee work hand in hand with student organizations across campus to recruit dancers, track their fundraising, and help them plan collaborative events with them and HootaThon. Something Anna loves about HootaThon is that it’s so much more than a 12 hour dance marathon, we host events year round to keep people involved!

Allie Harmon


Allie Harmon is the Director of Alumni and Faculty Relations for HootaThon 2018. For the 2017-2018 year, Allie will be a senior and is majoring in Finance. As Director of Alumni and Faculty Relations, Allie is responsible for keeping Alumni involved through HootaThon’s Alumni Association, which will be doubling in size this year! Additionally, she and her committee are responsible for planning Senior Sendoff for graduating seniors who purchased a stole, planning events with the Alumni Association, as well as getting and keeping Faculty involved year round. Allie got involved in HootaThon her freshman year as dancer. After attending the event and being inspired by what people could accomplish to benefit others, she joined the High School Dance Marathon committee. At HootaThon 2015, Allie connected with one of our Miracle Kids and decided to apply for an executive position for the next year, becoming the Director of Hospital and Family Relations for HootaThon 2017, and again was inspired to continue being so involved in HootaThon. This inspiration lead her to becoming the Director of Alumni and Faculty Relations for HootaThon 2018. “HootaThon has given me the drive to be a better person and to be a better leader,” Allie says, “I have made lifelong friendships as well as business connections. I have never been as passionate about anything as I am about HootaThon.”

Bridie Anne MacCrory


Our Director of Campus Engagement is Bridie Anne MacCrory. She is a rising sophomore and majoring in Management Information Systems. Her HootaHistory began at HootaThon 2015, where she attended as a guest. She joined the Campus Engagement committee her first semester at Temple and took up the position of captain of Satellite Campuses before becoming the Director of Campus Engagement for HootaThon 2018. As Director of Campus Engagement, Bridie Anne helps engage athletics, freshmen, commuters, grad students, and miscellaneous other students with our cause and recruit them to sign up as dancers.They also help keep dancers engaged from registration to our main event. To Bridie Anne, becoming a part of HootaThon is one of the best decisions she has made. HootaThon has taught her valuable skills while also allowing her to give back to an amazing cause.Outside of HootaThon, Bridie Anne enjoys irish dancing, which is fitting since she was born on St. Patrick’s Day!


External Affairs

Alyssa Laufer


Alyssa Laufer is our Senior Director of External Affairs for HootaThon 2018. As the Senior Director of External Affairs, Alyssa oversees all of our external communication including but not limited to HootaThon's marketing efforts and relationships with our Miracle Families/Kids from CHOP. In 2014, Alyssa convinced her friend to sign up to dance at HootaThon with her, but ended up not going at the last minute. Her friend still went and then convinced her to join the Campus Engagement committee. For HootaThon 2017, Alyssa became the Director of Morale, which is fitting because she is always dancing! Now she is continuing her HootaThon journey as the Senior Director of External Affairs for HootaThon 2018. Something Alyssa wants everyone to know about being a part of the  HootaThon family is that “All of the hard work you put in throughout the year is always worth it, as you realize how many miracles you've helped make at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia when the numbers are raised at the end of our main event each year.” Alyssa is a rising senior majoring in Advertising with a Spanish minor.

Alex Sawick


Alex Sawick is our Director of Hospital and Family Relations. As the Director of Hospital Family Relations, Alex brings the cause connection of CHOP to Temple to help show the members of the HootaThon family what impact HootaThon has on people through things like events with Miracle Families and tours of CHOP. In addition to that, the Hospital and Family Relations committee helps bring in and engage our Miracle Families and form lasting relationships with them. Alex is a rising senior Nursing major, which is how she got her start in HootaThon. She became involved in HootaThon her freshman year as a dancer with the nursing program’s SNAP team. After that, she joined the Hospitality committee, eventually moving from committee member to Director of Hospitality. For her last HootaThon, Alex is very excited to be the Director of Hospital and Family Relations. To Alex, HootaThon is “one of the most heartwarming experiences you’ll have at TU.” Outside of HootaThon, she still is heavily involved in CHOP as she is a nurse extern there!


Brooke Schisler


Brooke Schisler is our Director of Communications for HootaThon 2018. She is a rising junior and a Supply Chain Management major. As Director of Communications, Brooke oversees all social media engagement, media outlet outreach, and press kit development, as well as reaches out to media outlets for coverage of our event. Brooke became a dancer her freshman year and again her sophomore year. After seeing the pure joy on the Executive Team’s faces at reveal, she decided she wanted to be a bigger part of the HootaThon family. One of her favorite things about the HootaThon family is how welcoming and encouraging everyone is! Outside of HootaThon, Brooke can usually be found drinking her body weight in coffee and chilling with her friends and turtle, Otis!

Kyra Shiomos


Our Director of Technology is Kyra Shiomos. Kyra is a rising junior majoring in Management Information Systems and minoring in Digital Marketing. She first became involved in HootaThon her freshman year as a dancer with another organization. Getting to listen to the Miracle Families and Kids speak at the event inspired her so much she even spontaneously cut 9 inches off her hair that night! After hearing about the amazing things HootaThon has accomplished, and feeling that overwhelming sense of pride when the total was revealed, she knew she wanted to become a bigger part of it. Afterwards, she joined the Technology committee and soon realized she wanted to become even more involved, leading her to apply for a Director position for HootaThon 2018. As Director of Technology, Kyra oversees all technology based aspects of HootaThon. She and her committee create videos and graphics to promote HootaThon and its events, and maintain the HootaThon website. To Kyra, being a part of the HootaThon family is amazing and so rewarding, and there really is a place for everyone in it.



Andreana Manto


Our Senior Director of Fundraising is Andreana Manto. She is a rising junior Nursing student. On top of HootaThon, Andreana plays for Temple’s Club Tennis team and plays the harp, something she hopes to incorporate into her practice someday. She became involved in Dance Marathons in high school when she started NAZ-A-THON, Nazareth Academy's Dance Marathon, as a senior. After dancing for HootaThon her freshman year, Andreana applied to become the Director of High School Dance Marathon and continued her work with NAZ-A-THON. As the Senior Director of Fundraising, she is the leader of the Fundraising Team, which includes the Corporate Partnership, Event Fundraising, Finance, and High School Dance Marathon Committees. The Fundraising Team oversees and encourages all of the fundraising that occurs within HootaThon as well as come up with new ways to make fundraising easier and more fun! To Andreana “HootaThon is the most fun and rewarding organization on Temple's campus! It is a great way to meet Temple students, CHOP patients and families, and fellow CMN Dance Marathon dancers!"

Ariela Kogan


Ariela Kogan is the Director of High School Dance Marathon for HootaThon 2018 and mom to our HootaDog, Lola! She’s a rising senior nursing major. She became involved in HootaThon as a dancer her sophomore year. After falling in love with both the main event and the cause we dance for, Ariela joined the Morale committee for HootaThon 2017. As Director of High School Dance Marathon, Ariela says she “cannot wait to build more high school programs and continue to make a positive impact by fundraising for CHOP.” To her, HootaThon not just a dance marathon, but a family that motivates each other and helps change the lives and provide hope for the kids and families at CHOP.


Casey Bruno


Our Director of Finance is Casey Bruno. Casey is a rising sophomore majoring in Bio-Electrical Engineering with a Computer Science minor. Outside of HootaThon, Casey loves to go camping and someday hopes to visit all 49 National Parks. He became involved in HootaThon when he signed up to dance this year as a freshman. After experiencing HootaThon, he knew it was something he wanted to become more involved in, and was already looking forward to HootaThon 2018 when is past HootaThon ended. Being able to make such an impact on so many families and kids lives is what drives him to work hard for HootaThon. As the Director of Finance, Casey is responsible for all of the money coming in and out of the organization. In addition to this, he and his committee analyzes and gathers data to better help Directors and Committee Members do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Joe Breen


Joe Breen is our Director of Corporate Partnership. He is a rising junior Finance major and a huge Philly sports fan and an avid reader. He started as a committee member for HootaThon 2015. After being a committee member, Joe became the Director of Corporate Partnership for HootaThon 2017, and is continuing his legacy for HootaThon 2018. As the Director of Corporate Partnership, he and his committee research potential donors for our cause and form partnerships with corporations from all over the Delaware Valley. “By joining HootaThon,” Joe says, “we are able to help those who lack that perfect childhood that we took for granted.” In being a part of HootaThon, he hopes our mission can spark a movement that will allow all kids to have a childhood where they can actually be kids and not worry about procedures or frequent trips to the hospital.

Leah Grewal


The Director of Event Fundraising for HootaThon 2018 is Leah Grewal. She is a rising junior and kinesiology major on the pre-health track. As Director of Event Fundraising, Leah and her committee members are responsible for planning fundraisers, running canning events, and overseeing merchandise selection. She became involved in HootaThon in 2015 as a dancer, and then joined the Hospital/Family Relations committee for HootaThon 2017 before becoming our Event Fundraising Director this year. Something she likes about HootaThon is that we differentiate ourselves from other Dance Marathons by focusing our efforts on the Child Life Department, which helps any and all children there, instead of focusing on one group of kids and families at CHOP. Outside of HootaThon, Leah enjoys long distance running and hopes to run a marathon in the fall!



Nichole Humbrecht


Our Senior Director of Operations is Nichole Humbrecht. Nichole is a rising senior majoring in Engineering Fundamentals and double minoring in Business and German. As the Senior Director of Operations, Nichole coordinates all of the operational aspects of HootaThon with a strategic mindset and keeping in mind the longevity of the organization. She directly oversees the Directors of Dance Marathon Operations, Hospitality, Morale, and Special Events. Nichole got involved in dance marathons in high school when she helped found her school’s Mini-THON, becoming the overall-chair her senior year. After dancing for HootaThon her freshman year, she joined the Finance committee for HootaThon 2015 and then joined the executive team as the Director of Dance Marathon Operations which lead her to the Senior Director of Operations position! Being a part of HootaThon has allowed Nichole to develop her skill set and professionally develop, which something HootaThon can do for everyone in the HootaThon family. Outside of HootaThon, Nichole loves to travel (and has taken 22 different airplanes in the past year!).

Maddy Dunne


The Director of Dance Marathon Operations is Maddy Dunne. Maddy is a rising sophomore Theater Education major with a minor in Communication Disorders and a certificate in American Sign Language, and aspires to someday be Mrs. Darbus from High School Musical. As Director of Dance Marathon Operations she oversees all scheduling matters and logistics of our main event. She and her committee is responsible for planning things for HootaThon such as venue, entertainment, and timeline. She joined HootaThon as a dancer for HootaThon 2017 and is looking forward to being the Director of Dance Marathon Operations for HootaThon 2018. “HootaThon has the power to make miracles and unite students to raise awareness and funds for CHOP,” Maddy says. She’s very excited to be part of such and amazing and rewarding experience!

Nicholas Scheib


Our Director of Special Events is Nicholas Scheib. He is a rising junior double majoring in Strategic Communications and Political Science. Outside of HootaThon, Nick is a building manager at the Student Center and is an Owl Team Leader. Before becoming the Director Special Events, Nick was the Captain of Student Professional Organizations in the Student Organization Outreach committee. As Director of Special Events, Nick plans and oversees all of the events HootaThon puts on outside of our main event. Even though it is a lot of work, Nick says, being a part of HootaThon and helping the kids at CHOP is incredibly rewarding.

Steph Connor


Our Director of Morale is Steph Connor. Steph is a rising junior and a Kinesiology major with a minor in Healthcare Management. Before becoming Director of Morale, Steph was a dancer for HootaThon in 2015 and 2017. To her, being a part of HootaThon give you the opportunity to be a part of something that is much bigger than you could imagine. As Director of Morale, Steph is responsible for keeping people excited about HootaThon all year, not just during our main event. The Morale committee is also responsible for creating the morale dance, which is done every hour at the Dance Marathon, to keep people excited and on their feet.

Torie Shultz


The Director of Hospitality for HootaThon 2018 is Torie Shultz. Tori is a rising sophomore and a Nursing major. She became involved in HootaThon this past spring as a dancer for HootaThon 2017 before becoming the Director of Hospitality. As Director of Hospitality, Torie and her committee work to get food and drink donations for our main event as well as any other events HootaThon puts on throughout the year. In addition to this, they also work to coordinate with other Dance Marathons across the country. As a part of HootaThon, Torie and the HootaThon family work together to make miracles for our Miracle Families and Kids.