Frequently Asked Questions:

Donation Questions

Who do I make checks out to? 

You can make checks payable to "HootaThon"!

Where can I drop off/mail donations?

Please mail all donations to:
Attn: HootaThon
Suite 204
1809 N 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
If you are a student dropping off a donation, you can take it to our office in:
Howard Gittis Student Center
3rd floor, The Village
Room A333

Please note that our office hours are from 9am-8pm Monday thru Thursday. Please include the name of the participant to whom the donation is going.

Fundraising Questions

Do I have to raise a certain amount of money to be able to attend HootaThon?

Yes, the dancer minimum is $100.
The alumni dancer minimum is $50.
Committee member minimum is $400.
Captain minimum is $620.
Executive Team minimum is $1000!

How long do I have to fundraise my minimum?

You have until the time you arrive at the event. You may pay the balance remaining of the $100 at the door!

If one of my team members doesn't raise the $100 minimum, does that affect our team's ability to attend HootaThon?

This will not affect your team! Admission to the event is only based on individual fundraising

If my team receives a Team Donation, how is that split among the team members?

All team donations are split evenly among the team members and are added to each individual team member's fundraising total. For example, if there are 5 of you on a team, you have raised $75, and your team receives a Team Donation of $125, then an additional $25 will be noted for your individual fundraising, putting you at $100 total and eligible for admission to the event.

Event Questions

What should I wear to HootaThon?

Wear your event T-shirt that you received at check-in. If you did not pick up your shirt at check-in, you will receive it when you arrive at the event. More than that, you definitely want to dress comfortably, specifically wear sneakers. Some people deck out in tu-tu’s, glitter, bandanas, neon clothes, etc. We also encourage you to bring changes of clothing for theme hours. Theme hours this year will include: Disney hour, Skype interview hour, and Superhero hour!

What should I bring to HootaThon?

Since we will be dancing for 12 hours, you may want to bring a water bottle, snacks, deodorant, extra socks, and a lot of energy!
There will also be many opportunities to fundraise and purchase items/snacks during the event, so please bring cash or your credit/debit card!

Can I come to HootaThon if I am not a Temple student, alumni, or faculty/staff?

Yes, we will have visitor hours from 3pm - 7pm during the event. It costs $20 to come during this time. 

I can't dance. Will there be anything else to do at HootaThon?

YES! There will be many activities, games, and performances at the event. Another major part of the event is our Miracle Families who will speak and celebrate the day with us to remind us why we dance.

Dancer Questions

Who can be a dancer at HootaThon?

All Temple University students and alumni are eligible to participate in HootaThon!

Can I still participate if I cannot attend HootaThon?

Yes! If you cannot attend the event you can still fundraise and participate by registering as a virtual dancer! The event will be livestreamed at!

If I signed up as a virtual dancer, can I show up to HootaThon if I find out that I can make it?

No. Everyone who signs up as a virtual dancer is not accounted for in our day-of plans such as food orders, capacity preparation, etc.


If you have any questions not listed, feel free to contact us using the tab or email us at!