Fundraising Questions

Do I have to raise a certain amount of money to be able to attend Dance Marathon?

Yes, the dancer minimum is $100.
The alumni dancer minimum is $50.
Committee member minimum is $400.
Captain minimum is $620.
Executive Team minimum is $1000!

How long do I have to fundraise my minimum?

You have until the time you arrive at the event. You may pay the balance remaining of the $100 at the door!

If one of my team members doesn't raise the $100 minimum, does that affect our team's ability to attend the event?

This will not affect your team! Admission to the event is only based on individual fundraising

If my team receives a Team Donation, how is that split among the team members?

All team donations are split evenly among the team members and are added to each individual team member's fundraising total. For example, if there are 5 of you on a team, you have raised $75, and your team receives a Team Donation of $125, then an additional $25 will be noted for your individual fundraising, putting you at $100 total and eligible for admission to the event.