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Hello, I’m AJ. I am 6 years old and I was born with FOP. (Fibrodyslpasia Ossificans Progressiva). I was diagnosed with FOP at 2 ½ years old, after numerous specialists and unnecessary surgery, a geneticist at CHOP, Dr. Zackai tested me for FOP. Then I meet my hero…. Dr. Kaplan who made the final diagnosis which would change our world. It’s never easy hearing there isn’t a medicine or a cure. Dr. Kaplan said we had to have HOPE. Hope for a medicine. Guess what…. #hopewins (or at least that’s what my mom keeps saying) FOP is a genetic disorder which causes my muscles and ligaments to turn to bone. FOP is rare, so rare that I am 1 in 2 million. The good news is the doctors and researchers are working HARD to find a medicine to slow this beast down. My FOP family and friends and I need a CURE!