Our Vision

"Dancing For The Kids today so that we can all dance together tomorrow."

The purpose of the HootaThon organization is to raise awareness and funds for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  HootaThon connects with Temple University students by uniting our campus as a whole and thriving off of the passion, achievements, and the commitment that Temple students have demonstrated to CHOP.  

Throughout the year, we lead assorted fundraising events and activities with the children at CHOP, and conclude our journey with a 12 hour dance marathon.  We dance for 12 hours to celebrate the lives we've saved and to remember the lives we have lost.  It is a time for the families to celebrate the lives of their children, as well as a time for the children to enjoy living in that moment without thinking about tests, hospital beds, or when another needle might be headed their way.

HootaThon is our time to celebrate coming together as a university and memorialize everything we have done throughout the year - every penny we raised, every difference we made no matter how big or small - we made miracles.


Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is one of America’s leading non-profit organizations. There are two mains goals of their organization: 1, to treat as many children as possible by raising funds for children’s hospitals across the country and 2, to keep all the funds in the community in with they were raised to help those local children. In Philadelphia and the largely surrounding area, Children’s Miracle Network raises money for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Visit Miracle Network Dance Marathon's Website:

Miracle Network Dance Marathon